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Summer Holiday Ideas

Summer Holidays are a great time to spend time with your children. With warmer weather and late summer evenings here are some ideas for things you can do.

* The park: Play football, frisbee, cricket, tennis, skipping, tag etc.

* Hop scotch drawn out with chalk

* Local day trips

* Bike rides

* Grow fruit, vegetables and flowers in your garden

* Visit indoor play areas

* Picnics

* Go swimming, fishing, skating, bowling or to the cinema

* Water games in the garden

* Go out taking photos for the day

* Pond / Stream dipping

* Day trips further afield 

* Camp out together in the garden

* Build a den together

* Fruit picking

* Beach trip

* Forest bug hunts

* Visit free museums, nature reserves and parks

* Summer library reading schemes

* Play board games 

* Going on a mystery trip

* Sleepovers

* Make popcorn

* Baking, cooking helping prepare a special meal

* Kite flying

* Eating out

* Make ice creams or ice lollies

* Help with DIY tasks or decorating their room

* 50 things to do before you are 11¾ (click below for link)