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Reading Scheme/Books

We follow the National book banding scheme comprising of various reading schemes including
  • Rigby star
  • Oxford reading tree
  • Big cat phonics
  • Treetops
  • Rapid readers
  • plus others
Each band is a separate colour relating to the child's personal reading level, which they move up the colours when ready. 


Our synthetic way of teaching reading is as follows:
We use letters and sounds to teach the synthetic approach to reading and spelling. As well as this, we as a school, teach the children to blend, recognise and learn  GPCs and how to use this knowledge to work words out from the beginning, starting at the simplest level:
  • For reading, children are taught to look at the letters from the left to right, convert them into sounds and blend the sounds to work out the spoken forms of the words. For example, if children see the word hat, they need to know what sound to say for each grapheme (/h/ - /a/ - /t/) and then to be able to blend those sounds together into a recognisable word. Once words have been read this way often enough (and this can vary from child to child), they become known and can then be read without sounding out and blending.
  • For spelling, children are taught to segment spoken words into sounds and write down graphemes for those sounds. For example, if children want to write hat, then they need to be able to split it into the sounds /h/ - /a/ - /t/ and write the appropriate letters.‚Äč


Please find below reading lists for each year group.