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Maths Games

This page contains several useful links to mathematical content and resources, ranging from problems, questions and guides to interactive tools and games. Use the links to help your child practise and enjoy maths at their own pace.

Activities and Games

Free White Rose workbooks full of questions linked to each unit of study. Children will study these units in school first, so this is a great way to revise and practise the key skills that they have learnt.
An excellent resource for practising multiplication tables and related division facts. Beat your own scores, or challenge a friend! Logins required.
Numberblocks is a great introduction for pre-school and reception-aged children to learn how much fun counting can be and gain exposure to the world of numbers. (View via BBC iPlayer.)
Resources to help children practise and consolidate. We recommend the ‘5-a-day’ as a great way to apply some of the skills the children have learnt.
Online resource, for extending students, with an abundance of activities and games that will really elicit deeper mathematical thinking.
Aimed at children up to the age of 6, this website includes activities and games based on popular CBeebies characters.

Interactive resources, guides and games to help with the revision and consolidation of many of the basic mathematical skills.
Additional, free mathematical activities, puzzles, problems, visual aids, investigations and lots more.
Guides, games and questions to keep you busy.



Mathematical Games
Below are some links to websites that contain an abundance of mathematical games.