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A new national curriculum is to be taught in England from September 2014. Therefore, as a school we have revised our seven year plan, which covers the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, to reflect these changes. A link to this seven year plan can be found below.



1.          To develop children with both emotional and academic intelligence.

2.          To provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

3.          To make learning fun and to create lifelong learners.

4.          To develop the work of individual children according to their age and ability consistent with the         requirements of the National Curriculum, Locally Agreed RE Syllabus and the broader School Curriculum.

5.          To stimulate curiosity, imagination and creativity. 

6.          To encourage each child to use his/her own experiences and environment as a resource for learning.

7.          To recognise, value, encourage and develop individual gifts and talents.


'I hear and I forget

 I see and I remember

        I do and I understand'        

(An Old Chinese Proverb)


Please find below links you may find helpful in supporting your child with the learning of phonics: