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On this page you will find full details of our admission criteria, admissions area map, Essex County Council's website and their arrangements.

New Admission Round Tours of the School


We recognise that choosing a school for your child is a very important decision.

For this reason, we offer a a series of dates each year for you to visit the school while it is running during the autumn term and early January prior to the application deadline date in January each year.

The tour of the school will be led by the Head Teacher or a senior member of staff.

We do not permit babies or pre-school children on these tours since this is a very important decision for parents to make for their child, therefore we do not want any distractions.

If you would like to attend one of these tours, please phone the school office and they will be happy to offer you one of our dates. Please book early since we must limit the number of parents on each tour so that they are useful to every parent. 


Mid  Year Admissions


Please phone the school to enquire about any spaces in year groups. Applications then go to the Local Authority.

If offered a place at the school a senior member of staff will be happy to give you an induction tour with your child.

Consultation to amend the Admissions Policy for 2018/19 was made between October 2016 and December 2016

The Reception admission round for September 2019 is now closed.

For 'Timetables of Primary Schools Admissions' we refer you to page 5 of the Essex County Council Primary Admissions Booklet.


For Appeal information we refer you to pages 19-20 of the Essex County Council Primary Admissions Booklet.

Primary Admissions Booklet 2020-2021

For 'Waiting Lists' for Reception we refer you to page 16 of the Essex County Council Primary Admissions Booklet.

Between April - 31st December each year, The Henry Moore School hold a Reception waiting list. Please contact the school office staff to ask where your child is ranked on the list.  

We do not automatically maintain the waiting list after the end of the autumn term (31st December) of the academic year that your child starts school.  If you would like your child to remain on the waiting list from the spring term, we ask that you contact the school in December so we can arrange this.

Our admissions area is to the east of the bridle way in Church Langley. Please click the map of our admissions area for full details.  The map is in both pdf and jpg format.
Map of The Henry Moore Primary Admissons area.

Admission Arrangements (with effect from September 2011)

There were national changes to admission arrangements for all schools from September 2011.

Please see below as to how we have implemented them at The Henry Moore School.

From September 2011, all primary schools must offer full time admission to reception from the beginning of the September term following a child’s fourth birthday.

Parental Choice

For admissions to Reception from the 2011-12 academic year, parents can choose one of the following three options for their child in the September following their fourth birthday:

Option 1

Attend an early years setting, (Nursery/Pre School)  until the term after their fifth birthday, with up to 15 hours funded through the Free Early Education Entitlement.

Option 2

Attend school part time for at least 15 hours per week in line with the school’s offer. (5 mornings a week)

Option 3

Attend school full time-25 hours a week.

 Induction Process

Schools may offer a part time induction process over a period of four weeks to support children’s transition into school.  

We have decided that this is best practice with these new arrangements.  

A ‘staggered induction timetable’ will be provided for all parents/carers following the offer of a place for their child.