Below are some links to excellent teacher's resource websites I have found. If you know of any more then please let me know.

Sparklebox Website entirely devoted to resources for KS1 and the Foundation Stage   emaths All past KS2 and KS1 SATs papers since 2000 available online with mark schemes. 

Primary Strategy Literacy

Primary Strategy literacy plans from the DFES. Over 100 whole units of work on different writing genres in PDF format. Interactive whiteboard resources included. Highly Recommended!   

Primary Strategy Maths


Primary Strategy Maths plans from the DFES. Whole units plans for all areas of maths for and all year groups. In PDF and Word format. Downloadable and editable. Highly Recommended! 

Primary Current Assemblies

www.assemblies.org.uk Great website for religious / moral assembly ideas. You can search for key words and you get an assembly, prayer, bible reading and suggested hymn.


www.primarydandt.org Free to download D&T schemes of work from Nuffield. Extremely detailed and professional. Provide a series of lessons for each project. Split into KS1 & KS2 sections.


www.nrich.maths.org Best website I have ever found for open ended problem solving activities. You can type in the specific area of maths you are studying and it will give you loads of open ended problems ordered by difficulty.


www.findsounds.com Find any sound effect on the web. Useful for class performances, jazzing up lessons and can be burnt on to CD Rom. Sound clips come as mp3 and WAV files and will not all play on you computer / CD player. Check first.
www.teachingideas.co.uk Another website with links to all subject areas. Lots of lessons, activities and classroom management ideas submitted by other teachers.

Themathworksheetsite.com Random maths question worksheet generator. Can make sheets of questions and an answer sheet for addition, subtraction, multiplication division, time clocks, measuring and many other areas. 
Thestandardssite www.standards.dfes.gov.uk QCA schemes of work which you can download and edit. www.primaryresources.co.uk Links to all subjects. Loads of lesson ideas and work sheets submitted by other teachers. Really good if you get stuck for a lesson.

Click here to go to the Painting of the Month web feature.

www.nationalgallery.org.uk Link to the national gallery website. Every painting in the gallery is online. Some are zoomable so you can get close up to the detail in them. Great for looking at on the interactive whiteboard. 


e2bn.net Website only available through school in Essex with 6000 downloadable music backing tracks. Type in any word to describe the style of music you want. Listen to tracks online then download the mp3 to your computer ready to burn on to CD. Also good for adding to Movies children have made.
The National Archives The national archives Link to secondary history sources. Organised by QCA History units. Resources for both key stages.

SuperKids - The Parent's and Teacher's Guide to Educational Resources

Super Kids Another maths problems generator. Can create pages of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, time etc. with answer sheets. Numbers used in problems are also customisable.
 www.primaryhistory.org Free downloadable units of work for a number of KS2 QCA areas. Currently covers a local study, invaders, Tudors, Victorians, Britain since 1930, Ancient Greece, World study. Individual lessons available for KS1 on famous people, castles, Roman baths & markets, The Plague, The Gunpowder Plot and The Great Fire of London.

www.fontfile.com Lots of free fonts to download + it shows you how to install them as well.
www.kinderart.com The largest collection of free online art lesson plans and art education information on the Internet.